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What is exhibition
Published: Thu, 05 Jun 2014 17:22:00 GMT

 What is exhibition?

The mayor said: exhibition is an upgrade the city construction of two civilizations,and good works.

Scholars say: exhibition is a wise man's summit, is the dissemination of new ideas and new concepts, forum.

The model said: Exhibition dresser, enterprises try to, called on dress, productexhibition.

The prophet said: exhibition is full of vitality, promising sunrise industry.

The philosopher said: exhibition is the business philosophy, is into the marketeconomy after the mature manifestation of reason.

Architect said: exhibition venues large-scale, magnificent, is the landmark of thecity.

Mathematician: exhibition exhibition is the application of permutation and combination, plane and solid, golden section and digital to analog operations.

Artists say: exhibition is the color and a colorful, rich and beautiful life.

IT president said: exhibition is a variety of information exchange, collision, transferand the evolution of information processing device.

The group of exhibitors said: exhibition is a special service industry, the core essence is service.

Contractor said: exhibition is a "luxury", gamble at high stakes three, five days, isthe most short-lived decoration engineering.

Exhibitors said: exhibition is the most effective stereo marketing advertising the most economic, the most affordable.

People say: exhibition is a good place to buy genuine goods at a fair price, high quality and inexpensive goods.

Exhibition company said: Exhibition "show others that show yourself".

Meteorologists say: exhibition is economic development, product trend vane,barometer.

Environmental experts say: exhibition is "no smoking factory", is free from contamination of the green industry.

Chemical experts say: Exhibition overheating, market combination reaction, a part of the generation is the "bubble".

Economists say: exhibition is a new growth point of economic development.

Booth designers say: exhibition is affected by the exhibitors funds and the concept of limit of artistic creation.

The software vendor said: exhibition is a window, open, there also have all kinds ofpiracy in.

Speculative recruit exhibitors said: exhibition is not good, can do is win; exhibition is not pure, can remove the spirit.

Martial arts enthusiasts say: Exhibition portrait "sunflower", some eventually into pieces, dust in the wind.

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您好,欢迎光临熙展企划,请问有什么可以帮到您 ?