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The exhibition for seven steps
Published: Thu, 05 Jun 2014 17:22:00 GMT

 The exhibition for seven steps

A, choose show: the first step

Introduction of European International Exhibition Service Corporation Beijing office,the German form of the international exposition of diversity, a riot of colours, someare a comprehensive exposition, such as the annual spring Hannover industrialexposition; but is more professional exhibition, also has the side between regions,such as Frankfurt Expo focused on consumer goods.

Cologne on home, woodworking, hardware etc.; Berlin Agricultural Expo Expo"Green Week", International Tourism Expo, Transocean Import Expo and international communications exhibition is the world famous Munich focuses onbuilding materials. In these be known to all the World Expo, have come from theChina businessmen exhibitors.

According to the company's export target, choose suitable exhibition is a prerequisite for success. Mr. Peng Gang said, "choose the exhibition should be likeseeking products target market so carefully. Our company's main export ofelectronic instrument. Electronics Show in Cologne is a very professional counterparts. Considering that the company is small, only for the 3X3M booth. Butthe data and samples can't take less. Exhibition also used some thought."

Therefore, in advance as much as possible about the exhibition information, is a reliable guarantee to make the right choice. The Expo information can be obtained from the organizer or National Chamber of Commerce and industry, industrymagazines and the Internet are also introduced in detail. Specialized exhibition of domestic related industry chamber of Commerce or your client general can also provide the industry in the world situation.

Two, a year ahead of time to prepare the plan:

The European International Exhibition Service Corporation based on years ofexperience in organizing exhibitions to remind Chinese exhibitors, planned Germanbusinesses are world famous, all plans to do a good job in a year ago. The spokesman said: "China exhibition group general plan to do later, plus othervarious reasons, the message arrival at the other party, already too late."

Three, exhibits: suitable pin

"To determine the appropriate combination of marketable products" is the importantsteps to success. According to statistics, household electrical appliances exhibition center exhibition, to Germany from 72% to seek new products, so don't show out of date products. In order to ensure that the products "suitable pin", the market survey before the exhibition is very important.

Four, data: corporate and product image

Chinese went to Germany participating enterprises, widespread shortage of data preparation. The European International Exhibition Service Corporation Beijing office said: some manufacturers of products introduced only in two words or three,and not foreign language translation, the collation of information work to the organization, the organization and the translation of the work to the company's Beijing office.

In this way, "the first is the delay time, then, the foreign office staff is not allprofessional master, is in the process of translation can not express the intention ofmanufacturers. "

In addition, the Chinese manufacturers do not attach importance to the material of paper, give people the impression and informal. Therefore, the exhibition Service Corporation expert advice, all data should be prepared in English, German, three kinds of languages, foreign languages are not wrong, Chinese can use traditional characters printed the best, this will facilitate from Hong Kong and Taiwancustomers.

Printing promotional materials, should strive to fine paper, layout design for easy reading, try to improve, clear picture. She said: "these data is the first impression to the customer. In a large international professional exhibition, exhibition information,publicity planning reflects the overall qualities of an enterprise." But, must be ready for business card. Exhibitors should be printed in English card number, 50-100 per day for.

Five: to strengthen the image design, exhibition

In the design and decoration booth, exhibitors in Germany China enterprises need to adjust the product to replace exhibits consistent with practice, change the product packing exhibition mode, strengthen the image design company.

According to experts in the Ministry of information network exhibition introduction,exhibits itself does not tell the whole story, show all features, need appropriatecharts, data, pictures, models, props, models or announcer, live action, by means of decoration, scenery, lighting, audio-visual equipment, information technology and other means, to illustrate, stressed and rendering.

For example, the display of products is clothing or backpack, should consider touse models show, or in advance with the exhibition organizers to arrange a special performance, causing the buyer interest.

Miss Liu Europe International Exhibition Service Corporation added, "foreign companies booth usually spend tens of thousands of dollars or more fordecoration, with video, large screen projector, computer, flowers, green plants andsmall gifts, appears to be style, dignified, warm, give the visitors impressed."

Six, the target customers: prior agreement

Mail a letter of invitation or through the E-mail notice to the company's existing customers, with important customer appointment, to strengthen business relations.Professionals Chinese exhibition information department Chinese commodity market information network, China exporters should before the show consciouslyinviting target customers to visit our exhibition booth in Germany, thus avoiding theexhibition on their platform started neglect, to the target buyers leave deep impression.

European International Exhibition Service Corporation also suggested, can receiveChina Team Germany reception mechanism to achieve contact with related buyers,and book in the exhibition dates. "So, transaction success rate is high. "

Seven, advance publicity: improve visibility

The exhibition journal and journal

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