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The successful exhibition tips
Published: Thu, 05 Jun 2014 17:22:00 GMT

 The successful exhibition tips

You choose to participate in the exhibition can bring you the highest return? You need to put forward the following problems in before making a decision. In the 12-18 month before the fair began to make a plan and survey:

01, the exhibition can meet our market development needs?

02, the exhibition date is appropriate?

03, compared to other exhibition organized?

04, the exhibition site is convenient?

05, the number of participants from the target market?

06, the number of participants is the main service area from us?

07, zuzhan institutions how to promote the exhibition?

How 08, exhibition of the past performance?

09, what competitors will exhibit?

10, the company who had participated in the exhibition?

11, we can therefore exhibition investment?

Extension 12, exhibition organization for exhibitors provide what help?

13, agency can provide professional buyers to visit a guarantee?

14, we hope that through the get much return?

15, the exhibition for our current market strategy service?

16, to show what products?

What is the 17, our exhibitors the purpose?

18, we are prepared to a predetermined multiple large booth?

19, how to booth design meets our requirements?

20, pre show promotion how?

21, the other activities of public relations planning?

22, the committee appointed?

23, booth design what kind of style?

How many staff 24, booth? Exhibitors 3-6 months in advance training is good.

Rules for success: immediate action to take when in need, be ready for an unknown factor. Please remember, you should not just be simple display!!!

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您好,欢迎光临熙展企划,请问有什么可以帮到您 ?
您好,欢迎光临熙展企划,请问有什么可以帮到您 ?