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How to effectively improve enterprise popularity Exhibition
Published: Thu, 05 Jun 2014 17:22:00 GMT

 How to effectively improve enterprise popularity Exhibition

In a large scale in the exhibition, hundreds of booths together, perhaps tens of thousands of visitors come in great numbers, how to let more visitors buy noticed that your company does take a bit idea. In the past, many visitors to the scene is only temporary decided to visit what booth, then decorate novel booth do to attractthe attention of visitors to the class. But now, more and more visitors to visit decided beforehand about the chamber of Commerce of the booth, the situation will be greatly different, if not prepared in advance, these visitors might and you brush past.

According to the survey, visitors to visit those once before the show had sent the invitation exhibition company to visit other than the company stands to 4 times,visible before the exhibition publicity is very effective. But in addition to send invitation letter, there are some other ways you can improve your company'svisibility, might as well try.

The most commonly used method is to prepare some can One divides into, one of them in the exhibition with the invitation letter before you want to invitevisitors to buyers, so that they have to go to your booth to add up to complete a gift. It is proved that this method can effectively improve the exhibitors indeed in a booth to visit rate. In American and a company produced a large number of printed with your company name for popcorn bag before the exhibition, together with the invitation letter sent to the company's ahead of the new and old customers,illustrated by this invitation can be free to enter the exhibition to visit, but by paper bag can receive free popcorn in the booth. This method is the company to become the largest booth visitors in the exhibition, more thus effectively improved the popularity of the company.

There are many exhibition badge is hanged in the rope on the user's neck, some exhibitors very cleverly do in this article above, made with their company logo and name of the lanyard for free to send visitors, because these lanyard usually madeof fine, so most of the visitors get the lanyard are willing to change in his badge.Visitors wore these eye-catching hanging inside the rope around, equal to the many flow of billboard in free publicity for the company.

More beautiful idea of exhibitors make some pamphlets, exposition on local transportation, tourism, accommodation, customs and so on, distributed free of charge to visitors. Because quite a number of visitors to the exhibition here,including more than really want to walk around the exhibition of local and surrounding, these brochures just help a lot, so very popular, which also indirectlyis printed and distributed to the visitors to the booklet of good company degree.

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您好,欢迎光临熙展企划,请问有什么可以帮到您 ?