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How to win in the exhibition
Published: Thu, 05 Jun 2014 17:22:00 GMT

 How to win in the exhibition

To the game in the fair, to attract more visitors to come to negotiate, must pay attention to the following points:

Booth location choice to choose the appropriate field is an important part of theplan. Must first consider is the crowd flow way, people know in the exhibition of the moving direction, and in accordance with the selected booth. For example, people often flow of the highest place is near the entrance and exit, Restroom, lounge and eating area, and the exhibition hall of cylindrical and loading area is potential problems impeding the flow of people.

If you stand in the competition next door, the exhibitors will stall effective use, theproduct is placed in favor of their own. If during the exhibition will use the suspension, elevated structure or requirements such as cover frame high goods,must choose high enough to place, avoid the influence of visibility. In addition, the group of companies or enterprises can also be formed a delegation to attend theexhibition, will strengthen the momentum, expand the influence; 2 will also can bethe museum opened in the exhibition, exhibition brand.

Exhibition of personnel training usually exhibition personnel will focus on providinginformation for exhibitors, but ignore the real purpose of exhibitors, the manual,gifts and samples placed on the table as the visitors automatic take away, this not only can understand customer and market information, nor the purpose. They often ask for lack of skills and miss some important information. To avoid this problem, tothe training and preparation before the exhibition. The important thing is to participate in the exhibition of the staff should be willing to talk to strangers, and understand their needs, will be prepared enterprise print or delicate small gifts timely sent to potential customers, to achieve the ultimate aim of marketing.

Pictures and the manual can let visitors to further understand the product beyond information display products. In addition, the exhibitors can also provide in the videos, model, product display card (clearly listed phone number, address, fax,mailing address and other information), to expand the propaganda effect.

Most of the exhibition booth creativity and decoration for exhibitors ceilingspotlights, or to prepare their own portable lighting system. According to industry survey, lighting can effectively improve awareness will exhibit 30% to 50%. In addition, the small, sharp display pictures, in order to create a strong visual effect.Too dense or too small pictures are not easy to read, use at the same time limit of the word propaganda. To put the pictures in view of the above place to start is placed, and the use of bold and eye-catching color, avoid to use the neuter color into the background, so that the platform from distance and can stand out. In addition, the exhibitors in the traditional way at the same time, we must highlightinnovation in design, in order to attract the audience, to choose the proper display products and the products according to the booth size, avoid excessive congestion or empty.

Before the exhibition advertising advertising plays an important role in the wholeprocess of professional exhibition, exhibition management company that theexhibitor shall be 3 months before the exhibition, advertising reports at least more than 1 articles in professional journals, and then the article reported the copy sent to current and potential customers, and additional information remind the product,customers will be on display in the exhibition, but also can be printed with theexhibition organizers provide, the exhibitor's company name and booth numberexhibit VIP card. At the same time, connect more and more exhibition sponsored the cooperation unit and provide exhibitors website now, the exhibitors can improvethe company and its website popularity, or prior agreement during the exhibition business negotiations. Exhibitors can also published the exhibition product pictures or instructions in Webpage, even more detailed product information, to improve theexhibition site identification.

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您好,欢迎光临熙展企划,请问有什么可以帮到您 ?