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The overall image design and corporate booth
Published: Thu, 05 Jun 2014 17:22:00 GMT

 The overall image design and corporate booth

The exhibition industry is facing severe challenges, which is reflected in the following two aspects:

First of all, enterprises are facing increasingly fierce competition, become a keybased on the market to reduce costs. According to expert experience, the exhibition industry in the market depends on the economic boom. During the boom,companies have more generous budget, greatly small exhibitions were attending,and luxury booth, pocket money seemed inexhaustible. However, when the economic downturn, they will have to shrink with cold, be uncertain, even participate in the exhibition, also not dare extravagant, venue layout had to make do with whatever is available. From the overall situation, enterprises in the exhibition is tightening spending, so many enterprises have taken the strategy thatlose a pawn to save a castle, to give up the small exhibitions, focus on human resources in the large exhibition.

Second, other media rapid development, the company has a variety of informationtransmission channels and contact with the outside world, so a certainrepresentative point of view, since the enterprise through the computer network can transcend time and space constraints, to communicate with anyone, it is notcertain as before, not to participate in the exhibition can not be, in other words, andthose in the electronic media, from "the market" the exhibition seems to be behind the times.

The exhibition industry foreground how? Optimistic industry makes a strong argument, that manufacturers and the audience that's fair face, targeted contact and communication. Here people through conversation, know each other through the non language communication, build trust. This exchange is completely differ from man to man, have a definite object in view, so it is easy to obtain result. This isthe exhibition irreplaceable advantage. Some high technology products or service special need professional explanation and demonstration myself to the customer, it is particularly important to participate in the exhibition.

But the two challenge is the objective existence, the exhibition must actively adapt to these changes, adopting effective measures, can long remain invincible. Many experts to discuss, the common opinion is that the exhibition role must be redefined, to participate in the exhibition and the entire enterprise public relations,the image of the enterprise to establish and publicize combine, to take all possible measures to reduce the cost. To implement these principles embodied in the firstbooth design and build on the. Booth design should reflect and enhance corporate image, reflecting the spirit of enterprise. The exhibition is no longer a stall selling goods, it should not be isolated presentation of individual products, but a product as the carrier through the means of the whole enterprise integrated display, itscapacity, grade of it. In addition to introducing their own products and marketing,these means also includes extensive dissemination of information, communication,advertising, public relations and consultation etc.. The audience know the products at the same time, also deepened the impression for the enterprise to a certain extent. Therefore, in the design and build booth, around this center, do the following:

Make full use of all possible factors, for example, booth formation, material, sound,light, color and other decorative products, and constantly to the audience with freshness, stimulate their curiosity, their interest in the booth, and then produceand Exhibition talk desire.

The design of the booth to emphasize individuality, and at the same time in spaceand atmosphere convenient to talk to, if can make people in both the "hidden but beautiful spot" feeling, and imitation at home, it is ideal for.

Supporting the use of booth elements should also help to enhance the work personnel conversations persuasive, make customer's moment of goodwill to repeatedly confirmed and strengthened in the limited time, to lay the foundation for the exhibition after the contact.

Booth design should take into account business plan during the exhibition organized by supporting other activities. More and more large enterprises to the exhibition as questions the good place of the public relations activities, in addition to show other than itself, and they also during the exhibition held simultaneously all kinds of conferences, seminars, performance or conference activities, because during the exhibition audience quantity and set, these activities and exhibition held at the same time, great influence and spending. This on the other hand booth to put forward new requirements. In the final analysis, the enterprise to the attitude of the also depends on the economy is good. Therefore the effect at the same time,but also good economic accounts, the use of new, heavy use of the booth ofmaterial as far as possible, careful study design scheme, reduce unnecessary expenses. To sum up in a word, to the enterprise, of course, do more with less is best. But this is easy to say, hard to do things. It requires the booth design and build more personnel with imagination, creativity and flexibility.

So now there is a tendency, namely large enterprises began to cancel internal Exhibition Department, and the exhibition the whole design organization entrusted to the exhibition Service Corporation or similar advertising company, from the boothand various ancillary activities organized by the latter are responsible for thedesign, and the implementation of the plan, organization. On the one hand,improve the degree of specialization exhibition building, on the other hand also gave the possibility of the enterprise. So the pressure on advertising Service Corporation in terms of price and time is often very large, but may also only so, can effectively promote the process of professionalization of exhibition industry, make it more adapted to the market competition.

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