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Exhibition etiquette business - Exhibition of the soul
Published: Thu, 05 Jun 2014 17:22:00 GMT

 Exhibition etiquette business - Exhibition of the soul

In the fourth session of the multimedia exhibition booth layout, a multimediaexhibition in Thailand, has started neglect, professionals lack scope for their abilities. While the neighboring booth LG computer because there are severalexplanations miss, the excellent performance, data distribution and make the giftorder booth bustling. Also participate in the exhibition, the final result is not the same. How to maximize the performance of the advantage of the company in the exhibition, which make people pay more and more attention.

The exhibition with speciality, its unique target characteristics has gradually become the international, domestic enterprises to directly face the customer,showing an excellent tool for their. At the same time a new etiquette culture was born, not only exhibition etiquette. An exhibition Exhibition etiquette first formed in the 40's of Paris in France, after the scale formed in the 70's, and gradually to thespecialization, standardization, the late 80's early 90's, the Exhibition etiquette in China has gradually developed, especially in recent years, with the development ofthe exhibition industry, China company of Exhibition etiquette planning is becoming more and more seriously.

What is Exhibition etiquette planning

Etiquette planning is through professional planning company carefully plannedactivities, provide the best design for exhibition company. It includes booth, booth layout of the hardware, and with sound, light, electric effect; software promotionactivities, exhibition models etiquette training and packaging, so that the maximumadvantage of the company's performance. The main purpose of companies to participate in the exhibition is nothing more than to increase company visibility,attract customers, to discuss cooperation, set up a good brand image in the eyes of the customer. The premise condition but to achieve these objectives must be:first to attract as many people as possible. Exhibitors are usually put this glorious and arduous task to the Exhibition etiquette planning company to do. How to do well the Planning Exhibition etiquette

How to carry out the Exhibition etiquette planning, so that enterprises in thebusiness of cloud focus can outshine others?

(a) the surrounding environment and competitors to understand the exhibition type,brand, product features, style booth, booth situation;

(two) for the whole ceremonial activities through the material of the creative planning. For example, to achieve the effect of interpretation effect, film, dubbed effect etc.;

(three) according to the display style, choose Miss etiquette is live wave cheerful,little and dainty or modern performance model;

(four) design and production of clothing according to the choice of model, the exhibition of clothing novelty and pleasing to the eye, can be divided into steadyand creative and lively type. In short can fully demonstrate the characteristics of anenterprise.

(five) according to the model of creative division, for example: announcer, actor,display member of staff training, the receptionist.

(six) has a great influence during the exhibition management and Miss etiquetteetiquette planning company to play on the success of the exhibition. The 1996 international auto show held in International Exhibition Center, the world luxury manor, unprecedented, achieved great success. Behind the success, etiquetteplanning work exhibition which can not be destroyed. Mercedes Benz, BMW, etc.,Honda Mitsubishi cars not only in the booth design, professional technologypersonnel spent much effort, the choice of training personnel in etiquette planning,clothing, the choice of the Kung fu. When we walked into the exhibition, miss Hondavoice clear explanation, let a person greatly; the Ford miss the show people indulge in pleasures without stop, booth exquisite, elegant lady, more show car brand.These exhibitions Miss etiquette and automobile brands, models, styles, featuresingenious combination, complement each other, reflect the Exhibition etiquetteplanning of fine and have great originality. With a sensational effect vehicle exhibition, Exhibition etiquette planning more attention. The exhibition and Exhibition etiquette planning model

Mentioned models, we immediately think of the fashion show, the important role offashion models in the garment industry in all already realized. The exhibition modelabout it is pale. In February last year

COMDEX computer show, some friends said, the exhibition model is not pleaseseveral beautiful young lady, station data in there? Here only said a little bit,technician data is to promote corporate image, but the 2 is not enough, only thebeautiful young lady was not up to the Exhibition etiquette model, Exhibitionetiquette model but also have good quality of public relations. Such as: strain capacity, beautiful voice, good explanation ability, clothing model performance, richetiquette. Professional and technical personnel of the company in some enterprisesthink, can cope with, can need not etiquette planning. In fact, the answer is very simple, that is the promotion and sales are inseparable. Now it has become a reality. An entrepreneur once said: my eighty percent product propaganda sold,the remaining twenty percent existing warehouse.

Last year, in an international Refrigeration Exhibition International Exhibition Center, American "TRAE" company has achieved great success, which attract in the "show the unique design of the TRAE". In the beautiful backdrop, hung a hugelandscape painting, a symbol of "TRAE" company strive to improve people's living environment of the target. In the booth, two beautiful young lady with a smile and aguest group, a professional photographer with an imaging camera to the scene into eternity. Within a few days, about 4000 people get themselves and the "groupTRAE" miss photos. "TRAE" company successful exhibition ceremony

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