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Exhibition production
Published: Thu, 05 Jun 2014 17:22:00 GMT

 The exhibition is one of the most ancient form of market. For thousands of years,can occur, the development process of the exhibition is divided into four primitive,ancient, modern and contemporary stage. Development so far, the exhibition has become a mature, big industry. The exhibition also will continue to change to meet the needs of the development of the social, economic and trade.

The exhibition by the need to generate and development of economic. For thousands of years, the basic principle of unchanged exhibition, through the "show" and "access" to achieve the exchange of purpose. But its form has been updated.When not exhibition form the old to adapt the needs of economic development, itwill be eliminated, replaced by a new form of the exhibition. Development dependson the development of exhibition economy, and in turn serves economy.

Trade the origin of human to barter, this is a kind of primitive, incidental transactions, which includes the basic principles of the exhibition, the exhibition is toexchange purposes, this is the original phase of the exhibition, the original form is the exhibition of.

seo, the increase in the number ofexchange, scale and scope are expanding, exchange form has become a fixed time and fixed place of market, market, development periods known ancient stageexhibition.

The 17-19 century, the industrial revolution, Europe saw the emergence of the industrial exhibition, exhibition industry has the characteristic of industrial society,this new form of exhibition not only has a strict management system, but also the size of the exhibition from local to national, and eventually expand to the world, this period is modern stage exhibition.

Modern exhibition is a combination of both on the basis of the form. Modernexhibition is generally referred to as trade fairs and expositions

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您好,欢迎光临熙展企划,请问有什么可以帮到您 ?
您好,欢迎光临熙展企划,请问有什么可以帮到您 ?